August 16, 2017

‘Poetica Erotica’ Is a Passion Filled Collection of Poetry

Poetry book gives a multi-faceted look on love, lust and loneliness
ISHPEMING, MI — When it comes to being a poet there is no attribute more important than passion. It is passion that will propel you to write, day in and day out. It is passion that will keep you immersed in the poetic medium through the years. It is passion that sets a fire in your heart for the written word every day. Author Tim Cross knows this better than anyone. It is also this passion that has inspired him to write a collection of poetry in Poetica Erotica.

In Poetica Erotica, the author uses his experiences with women through the years. Some he met face to face, and some he met online. And through his many years of contact with women he has always wondered one thing, He wondered about their motives, did loneliness instigate their actions, did they do it just for fun or were they actually looking for another partner or even a discreet lover. And as a poet he was entranced and curious of these motives. Which is why he has set out on creating a collection of poetry based on his experiences with the women in his life.

Poetica Erotica is a masterfully written collection of poems that shows the many aspects of love. Is it really love a man feels or is it just mere infatuation? How do relationships shape people? This enthralling collection of poetry delves deep into the human psyche with the hopes of answering these questions.

Poetica Erotica by Tim Cross

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-64069-163-6
Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-64069-167-4
PDF | ISBN 978-1-64069-164-3
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-64069-165-0
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-64069-166-7

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About the Author

Tim Cross was born on the 18th March 1953 at his parents’ home in the village of Spratton near Northampton. His father was a leather tanner and his mother was the daughter of a brewer. He went to the local village school before he was sent to a boarding school called Beachborough in the village of Westbury near Brackley. From this school, He was sent to Oundle which is a private school near Peterborough. After Oundle, he went on a round the world trip with a friend, before spending a year at The Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester.

May 28, 2017

'Her Haunted Past' Is a Truly Enthralling Read

Her Haunted Past
Author Maggie Blake creates a truly immersive story in Her Haunted Past. This enthralling read follows the life of a strong willed young woman as she faces life’s many obstacles with courage and determination.

The young woman is Samantha Richards who has survived the physical abuse of her childhood with the help of a neighbor and his farm. She put herself through college and graduated with a degree as a licensed veterinarian. Fate brought her to Atlanta, Georgia to interview for a position in a large animal hospital. The paranoid owner recognized her and ultimately hires a hit man to kill her. In the meantime, the neighbor that had taken her under his wing as a teenager goes missing. Samantha’s phone call to him brings her back to her home state of Kentucky, the place where she never wanted to return.

She finds herself in the middle of an FBI investigation, while trying to dodge a hit man to save herself. When she meets the lead FBI agent who just happens to be the farmers nephew, will she be able to stay alive long enough to pursue the feelings she develops for him? Will he be able to keep her alive long enough to figure out who she really is?

Her Haunted Past by Maggie Blake

Softcover | ISBN 978-1-946492-46-3
PDF | ISBN 978-1-946492-47-0
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-946492-48-7
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-946492-49-4

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About the Author

Maggie Blake began writing as a hobby. It became a passion within weeks of beginning the first book of The Haunted series. She is a full time healthcare professional who is devoted to her family. Maggie lives in the central part of Kentucky with her family.

May 15, 2017

'Interrupted' Takes Readers on a Dark Psychological Journey

Author A. Coenraad creates a thrilling tale of intrigue and mystery

ISHPEMING, MI — What would you do to achieve your dream? To what depths will you stoop to get what you want? In Interrupted author A. Coenraad creates an enthralling new book that follows a young woman’s quest for power and riches and the surprising twists and turns her life goes through.

Interrupted follows a young woman named Jessica Hardy who dreams of power and riches. She schemes and plots to reach her goal no matter what the cost, but her plans, almost at fruition, came unstuck because of her half-brother’s fractured grip on reality. This story reflects on the instant attraction that two people experience when fate brings them together due to bizarre circumstances involving kidnapping and greed. Although they come from different worlds, they find an undeniable connection that would be tested to its limits.

This highly engrossing read takes readers into the psyche of a young woman who will do anything for riches and power, and how one person changed her life and the way she looks at the world forever.

Interrupted by A. Coenraad

Softcover | ISBN 978-1-945960-19-2
PDF | ISBN 978-1-945960-20-8
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-945960-21-5
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-945960-22-2

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About the Author

Born in Brisbane and spending her life in Queensland, A. Coenraad has always had a fertile imagination and had dreamed of becoming a full time author. Growing up, her mother always said she should write fiction as some of her colorful tales, mostly conjured up to escape discipline, and truly astounded her. Graduating from short stories and novellas, the dream has been realized with this, her first novel.

May 9, 2017

Skipper Is a Touching Story of Self-Discovery

Author Craig B. Bass chronicles a young boy’s journey through life

ISHPEMING, MI — Growing up is a harsh process. As a child your perceptions on the world are so assured and everything seemed so safe. But growing up changes this perception drastically. As you grow up, you notice that the world is more complicated than you thought. You realize that the world is not in black and white. In Skipper the author Craig B. Bass captures the confusion and beauty of youth.

The story follows the life of a young boy who thinks his life is boring and uninteresting. But his life soon changes as he is transported into a magical life of excitement and adventure through explorations of a rural ranch life, fishing in remote lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico. A Scout Master provides the opportunity of a life time for these wonderful new experiences, but is there too big of a price to pay? Only the boy can answer this question as he seeks the truth.

Skipper is a coming of age story about a boy growing up in Central Florida in the 1950’s. The boy seeks to know the truth about God and religion, sexual awakenings, love, friendship, hate and betrayal. This beautifully introspective read captures the struggles of growing up and finding yourself.

Skipper by Craig B. Bass

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-946735-00-3
Hardback| ISBN 978-1-946735-01-0
PDF | ISBN 978-1-946735-02-7
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-946735-03-4
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-946735-04-1

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About the Author

Craig B. Bass lives in Idaho and Southern California with his wife and dog. In his earlier years he wrote and published professional articles. He wrote and published fictional stories as a hobby only. He now writes full time when not sailing. His interest in writing has been life long since reading Hemingway, London, Steinbeck and Faulkner at an early age. He now prefers writing about subject matters that deal primarily with complex problems of the human condition and spirit. His future interests in writing will primarily be concerned with creative fiction and experimental prose styles.

April 25, 2017

"The Circus and Joe Brown" Is a Fun Read for Children Everywhere

The Circus and Joe Brown
Follow a friendly lion as he strolls around town and makes new friends

ISHPEMING, MI — Have you ever been to the circus? If you have you would know that it is one of the most interesting places in the world. It is chock full of interesting sights and sounds from circus clowns to trained animals. The smell of popcorn and the sweet taste of cotton candy is commonplace in the circus. In short the circus is a truly fun and vibrant place. In The Circus and Joe Brown the author Dottie Allegro-Canal takes readers on a fun trip through the circus.

This is the story of a big lion, with a big attitude who was too sweet to even notice that he was intimidating some people. He marched into the little town and got everyone excited for the show to come, under the big tent. The Circus and Joe Brown is a well written children’s book that combines clever wordplay with well-drawn illustrations. The main character of Joe Brown is a whimsical character that captures the imagination and gives you a nostalgic feeling.

The Circus and Joe Brown is a truly well-crafted story that will entertain kids and show them a whole new world of fun and adventure.

The Circus and Joe Brown by Dottie Allegro-Canal

Paperback | ISBN 978-1-945496-69-1
PDF | ISBN 978-1-945496-70-7
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-945496-71-4
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-945496-72-1

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About the Author

Dottie Allegro-Canal was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, but has lived in California for many years. She has written many children’s books but only recently got up the courage to seek publication. She is married and has 2 sons, to whom she constantly read when they were much younger.

April 20, 2017

"Notorious Casolini" Follows One Man's Quest for Justice

Notorious Casolini
Author Angelo Crapanzano creates a thrilling read of intrigue and vengeance

ISHPEMING, MI — To what lengths will you go to avenge a wrong? To what depths will you stoop to gain true justice? In Notorious Cassolini author Angelo Crapanzano creates a truly immersive read that follows a good man’s quest for justice and how it changed him forever.

Inspired by real events, the novel Notorious Casolini tells the story of the life and adventures of Peppino Casolini. Peppino lived in the city of Barrafranca, Sicily, in the early 1900’s. A gentle person of high moral values dedicated to his family, he wanted nothing more than the simple life of a farmer, with those he loved nearby. But fate had other plans for Peppino. When Peppino’s beautiful younger sister spurned the advances of the son of the ruling mayor, it ignited a fire that would consume the entire family. The oppressive ruling class of Barrafranca turned the full force of their power on Peppino and his family with deadly results. However, from their seats of privilege and authority, they never imagined that a gentle farmer might rise up against them with a furious vengeance.

Building on the known historic facts of Peppino Casolini, author Angelo Crapanzano weaves an exciting story filled with unforgettable characters, passionate romance and an unexpected conclusion that will knock readers off their feet!

Notorious Casolini by Angelo Thomas Crapanzano

Softcover | ISBN 978-1-946735-41-6
PDF | ISBN 978-1-946735-42-3
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-946735-43-0
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-946735-44-7

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About the Author

Angelo Crapanzano is a full time writer who retired as Manager of the Electronic Research and Development Department of an aerospace corporation. Notorious Casolini is his third Novel. He has written six novels. He is currently working on his seventh novel. It is not yet named. It is a romantic novel about two young lovers who had to overcome many problem to get together. Angelo lives with his wife of 65 years near Akron, Ohio.

April 18, 2017

"Realness" Is a Beautiful Tome of Faith and Freedom

Author Rinea Simpson is a beautiful compilation of poetry on life

ISHPEMING, MI — Life is full of challenges and it can sometimes be very confusing. This is the world we live in and if you do not have a real sense of self you can be lost in the strong currents of life. Author Rinea Simpson knows this better than anyone, and through the years she has seen the injustice and pain that is prevalent throughout the world. Which is why she has set out to write poetry that combats these evils. With her poetic heart and love for life she strives to help other people through her poetry.

Realness is a beautiful compilation of Rinea Simpson’s poetry and short stories. It encompasses her many experiences in life and how she faced every challenge with her own unique blend of creativity and courage. The poems found in this enlightening read tackle many issues humanity faces in this day and age. The issues range from lack of educational support to the difficulty of faithfully living a faith filled life. All the poems are lovingly written and radiate the author’s need to illuminate readers on society’s need for social change. The poems show the author’s love for life and her perceptions on the world.

This illuminating poetry book takes readers on a captivating look through the author’s life and how faith shaped her as a person.

Realness by Renea Simpson

Softcover | ISBN 978-1-946250-52-0
PDF | ISBN 978-1-946250-54-4
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-946250-55-1
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-946250-56-8

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About the Author

Renea Simpson a native of Florence, Alabama and a 1979 graduate of Coffee High School, Florence, Alabama. She served in United States Army, retiring in 1989. Attended Faulkner University (Florence, Alabama), from 1992 to 1996, receiving Associate of Arts degree in Theology. Attended Heritage Christian University, 1998 to 2001, receiving an Associate of Arts degree in Theology. Currently Renea is pursuing her first passion, writing poetry and short stories.

April 16, 2017

"Life's Challenges Over Me" Is a Truly Inspiring Read

Life's Challenges Over Me
Book follows a young man’s incredible journey from poverty to success

ISHPEMING, MI — Life is a truly multifaceted thing. There are times where you are truly happy and there are also times where sadness seems to go on forever. And during these times of sadness and hardship, you will need to have a truly indomitable spirit to survive. Author Hamidullokh Zabikhullaev Life's Challenges Over Me is a great example of this perception on life.

Life's Challenges Over Me follows the life of Ali who is only a young boy when he loses both his parents. To fulfill his mother’s dying wish, Ali pledges to never give up and begins working odd jobs, like cleaning cars and shoes. One day while Ali is working, he meets Mr. Arden a wealthy man who adopts him as a son and renames him Jonnish. Although Jonnish enjoys living in a new house full of luxuries, he must also face the challenges of unexplainable memory loss, serious medical problems and grief over the loss of his family.

Readers who are interested in novels featuring compelling characters as well as strong message, such as never giving up hope despite how challenging life might seem, will enjoy Life’s Challenges Over Me.

Life's Challenges over Me by Hamidullokh Zabikhullaev

Softcover | ISBN 978-1-946492-25-8
PDF | ISBN 978-1-946492-26-5
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-946492-27-2
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-946492-28-9

Available at BookVenture, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

About the Author

Hamidullokh Zabikhullaev was born in Uzbekistan, Tashkent. His family were musicians. His father, mother and two older brothers and he himself went to the same music school. Everybody loved music in their family but he was not a fan of piano or other music instruments. He sold a lot of books when he was eleven to twelve years old because his mother was an author too. He used to sell her books, to his friends or to people who interested in reading. In 2012 His family moved to the other part of the world, America and he had to start everything all over again but he loved learning English and loved writing in English and this is his first book. He is 18 years old.

April 11, 2017

"Fiction or Prophecy" Shows Dangers of Terrorist Attack

Fiction or Prophecy
Author Angelo Thomas Crapanzano delves into the dangers of terrorism and its effects on civilized society

ISHPEMING, MI — The world is getting more dangerous every day. With the rise of terrorist attacks through the years, the general public is now in fear of the threat that these terrorist group pose to the free world. To what depths will they stoop to achieve their goals? Author Angelo Thomas Crapanzano addresses these dangers in his immersive new book Fiction or Prophecy.

The idea for Fiction or Prophecy was born through a casual discussion with a neighbor in the author’s family room. The discussion was based on the news that one of the terrorists claimed that they were secretly developing a backpack nuclear bomb and planned on bombing ten of America’s largest city.

Officials wrote it off as an idle threat, and that they could never get ten nuclear backpacks into the country. The neighbor questioned how they could say that, when a million Mexicans cross America’s borders daily, with backpacks of drugs, weapons, and personal items.

Having been in the scientific field and seeing how electronic technology had exploded during his life time, the author had no doubt that it was a matter of time and that terrorist would not hesitate to use it. He wondered what would happen if the terrorist was telling the truth. This enticed the author to write a novel on this threat. Is this novel purely fiction or is it a prediction of what was to come?

Fiction or Prophecy by Angelo Thomas Crapanzano

Softcover | ISBN 978-1-946735-32-4
PDF | ISBN 978-1-946735-33-1
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-946735-34-8
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-946735-35-5

Available at BookVenture, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

About the Author

Angelo Thomas Crapanzano was born in Cleveland Ohio on August 23, 1927. He served in the Army during World War 11. He fought in the South Pacific in the Philippine Liberation Campaign. After his discharge, he attended Cleveland State University. He graduated in 1951 with a degree in Electronic Engineering. Angelo worked for forty-two years on electronic systems for military and advanced commercial aircrafts. He has several patents in aircraft electronic. In 1987 he was promoted to Manager of Electronic Research and Development Department. To keep up with the technology he taught electronic for seven years at Akron University Evening Division. He retired in 1993.

April 3, 2017

"Ariadne's War: Sorcerer's Dilemma" Is a Swashbuckling Tale of Magic and Danger

Ariadne's War: Sorcerer's Dilemma
Author John Sinisi takes readers on a truly epic adventure

ISHPEMING, MI — The author John Sinisi has always been fascinated by science fiction and fantasy and has always dreamed of writing an epic novel of his own. In Ariadne's War: Sorcerer's Dilemma the author finally realizes this dream. In this fantastic novel readers are taken to a world of magic and intrigue.

Ariadne's War: Sorcerer's Dilemma takes place in the world of Bezriel. It is the home of sorcery powerful enough to transform the world. For many Bezrielites, including the powerful young sorceress, Ariadne, sorcery is the mystical key to living in harmony with nature. But for William, the most powerful sorcerer in modern times, sorcery means power over nature and people. Ariadne’s War is the story of three intertwining struggles: the civil war between modernizing King Soren and a rebellious nobility determined to preserve feudal traditions; the war of four mighty kingdoms triggered by Soren’s expansionist ambitions; the struggle between the sorcerers William and Ariadne over the future of sorcery and the soul of Bezriel.

This immersive book is a masterful amalgamation of magic and political intrigue. The interactions between the characters is realistic and is tastefully balanced out by the fascinating concepts of magic. Ariadne's War: Sorcerer's Dilemma is a must read for fantasy aficionados everywhere.

Ariadne's War: Sorcerer's Dilemma by John Sinisi
Paperback | ISBN 978-1-946492-74-6
Hardback | ISBN 978-1-946492-75-3
PDF | ISBN 978-1-946492-76-0
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-946492-77-7
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-946492-78-4

Available at BookVenture, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

About the Author

John Sinisi, the author of Ariadne’s War, is a retired university professor who spent as much time reading fiction as the philosophy, economics and business literature that he taught. He had a decade’s long fascination with science fiction and fantasy, especially books, such as Asimov’s Foundation novels and Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, which while entertaining the reader, teach much about the hidden depths of the world we live in.

March 26, 2017

Deke Rivers Releases a Riveting Read in 'The Scarlett Saga'

The Scarlett Saga
Book takes readers on a son’s dangerous quest to find his father’s killers

ISHPEMING, MI — What are you willing to do to avenge the death of a loved one? How low are you willing to go? To what depths are you willing to go down in order to get revenge? In The Scarlett Saga author Deke Rivers releases a thrilling tale of vengeance and survival.

This highly engrossing read follows Richard Scarlett, as he takes control of the Scarlett Organization after the assassination of his father, David. Follow Richard as he travels the world searching for his father’s killer, only to discover he is the next target, the last of the Scarletts. Now he is on not only a quest of vengeance but also of survival. He must now use all his wits and courage to survive and unearth his family’s deadly secret.

The Scarlett Saga is a truly immersive read filled with action and adventure. Readers are taken on a globetrotting quest for justice. Will Richard survive the assassins sent after him? Will he finally find his father’s killer? Read on and find out!

The Scarlett Saga by Deke Rivers
Paperback | ISBN 978-1-945496-04-2
PDF | ISBN 978-1-945496-05-9
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-945496-06-6
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-945496-07-3

Available at BookVenture, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

About the Author

Deke Rivers, a retired architect and artist, has lived throughout the world, and now calls Toronto, in Canada his home. Most of his novels are based on research, his travels and his vivid imagination.

March 23, 2017

'The Imaginarium World' Is a Truly Immersive Read

The Imaginarium World
Author John Adrian Tomlin breaks the barrier between reality and imagination

ISHPEMING, MI — Through the years video games have evolved dramatically. From the earliest form of video games where pixelated block like characters are the norm to video games with graphics so real, players are confused whether the characters are real life or animated. But have you ever wondered what would happen if video games would reach a level of realism that would cloud your very perception of reality itself? In The Imaginarium World the author John Adrian Tomlin creates a riveting story that will give video game realism a whole new meaning.

The story is set in 2030 and video games have hit that barrier where graphics and innovation is at its peak. At E3, Sony reveals their next gen gaming console, the Imaginarium Machine. Instead of playing on a TV, you play in your mind. In doing this, you break all boundaries in regards to your senses. You can now feel the wind, smell the flowers, taste the bread... the possibilities are endless. With a Magnificent piece of hardware given to the world, what could possibly go wrong?

The Imaginarium World is a truly engrossing read that explores the gaming world in a new and exciting way. Leap into a whole new perception of the gaming world!

The Imaginarium World by John Adrian Tomlin
Softcover | ISBN 978-1-946492-29-6
PDF | ISBN 978-1-946492-30-2
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-946492-31-9
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-946492-32-6

Available at BookVenture, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

About the Author

John Adrian Tomlin was born with merosin deficient muscular dystrophy which makes him wheelchair bound and weak for life. He was first introduced to video games when he was five and was immediately hooked. He love its ability to be fun, to tell a story, and to be able to express ideas that no other art form can. He decided to devote his college years to learning about video games, so he got his B.S. in Game Art and Design. After he graduated, he still couldn’t get his dream job, so he decided to write books.

March 19, 2017

Author Andy B. Nakagawa Releases 'Living in Victory'

Living in Victory
Enlightening book shows readers the life changing power of prayer and faith

ISHPEMING, MI — Author Andy B. Nakagawa has always believed that prayer is one of the most potent ways to uplift yourself from the darkness of the world. It is also one of the most powerful weapons you can have in the ever constant war against sin. This is because the devil is constantly bombarding humanity with words full of deceit and hatred. And if left unchecked, humanity would lose sight of its ultimate goal. God’s love.

Which is why the author has endeavored to write Living in Victory. This is a prayer and faith companion book based on Andy B. Nakagawa’s previous book The Road to Redemption (And Blessings). It contains prayers based on four subjects: spiritual warfare, blessings and identity, guidance and direction, and deliverance. It has a new essay on renewing the mind and an article about the author’s personal identity in Christ.

The book contains six chapters and each one tackles concepts on faith and the power of prayer. This book is an illuminating tome that shows the life changing power of prayer and faith. The author’s greatest wish is that the book will help the spiritual growth of his readers and show them how to finally live in victory.

Living in Victory by Andy B. Nakagawa
Paperback | ISBN 978-1-945496-41-7
PDF | ISBN 978-1-945496-42-4
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-945496-43-1
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-945496-44-8

Available at BookVenture, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

About the Author

God has blessed Andy B. Nakagawa with recent revelations from the Word of God. Mr. Nakagawa hopes that the inspirational lessons that he teaches in his books can also be a blessing and inspiration to others. Mr. Nakagawa loves to attend church, read and study the Bible, and read other non-fiction Christian books. He was born and raised in Southern California. He currently lives in California.

March 15, 2017

'Erskinville to the Bush' Chronicles One Man's Incredible Desire for a Better Life

Erskinville to the Bush
Memoir takes readers on a truly immersive journey

ISHPEMING, MI — Steve Langley has gone through many things in the course of his life. He was born in the slums and had to fight for a better life. This drive urged him on to go on adventures that helped shape who he truly is. In Erskineville to the Bush the author Steve Langley readers follow one man’s incredible journey through life.

This is a story on Steve Langley’s life from the 1930’s and in the wartime and postwar Sydney slums; the gangs of Erskineville, Newtown, and Paddington streets. Where he made the breakaway to find a better life. His story covers his various work endeavors on land and ships; a broken marriage, and with a new partner and ten month old baby son, his move to a modern pioneer lifestyle in an abandoned homestead on Bullock Mountain.

There Steve found in the high ranges of the beautiful New England region of NSW, a wonderful way of life when he created a long distance horse trekking business catering to riders from all parts of the world. Erskineville to the Bush shows readers how an unflinching self-belief and the courage to follow your dream can get you through the most challenging of times.

Erskinville to the Bush by Steve Langley
Softcover | ISBN 978-1-943265-79-4
Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-943265-91-6
PDF | ISBN 978-1-943265-88-6
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-943265-89-3
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-943265-90-9

Available at BookVenture, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

About the Author

Steve Langley was born in Paddington in 1936, and grew through World War II years in the then slum areas of St Peters, Erskineville and Newtown. He was three when his father joined the Australian Military in 1939. His naturalized Australian German born Grandfather took on the role of father, mentor and friend. It mattered not for Steve that his father was away fighting with the famous Sixth AIF Division in the Middle East. To the kids in the streets, and Erskineville Public school, he was a Nazi and was daily bullied. He learnt to fight back, and went on through varied lifestyles to achieve his life fulfilment in the rugged ranges of the glorious New England.

March 13, 2017

Author Jamel Gross Enlightens Readers in 'My Eyes of Desire'

My Eyes of Desire
Book shows one man’s mission to illuminate the world through poetry

ISHPEMING, MI — Poetry is considered as one of the most beautiful ways to convey your perceptions on the world. And if done right poems can be lines of such sublime beauty that can evoke great emotions from anyone who reads it. In My Eyes Of Desire Author Jamel Gross enlightens readers with a collection of heartfelt poems that shows how he perceives life and how life has affected him.

My Eyes of Desire brings a plethora of emotions and ideas to readers. This collection of poems shows the authors love for life and his need to show the world his poetry. The poetry in itself is masterfully written, with each theme taken from the authors own life. The poems evoke emotions of hope and peace and captures the poet’s optimistic outlook on life. It represents his journey as a poet and the drive to create good poetry.

This compilation of poetry is the author’s ode to the poetic arts and shows how he has progressed in his beloved art form. My Eyes of Desire is a must for poetry aficionados everywhere.

My Eyes of Desire by Jamel Gross
Paperback | ISBN 978-1-946492-63-0
PDF | ISBN 978-1-946492-64-7
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-946492-65-4
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-946492-66-1

Available at BookVenture, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

About the Author

Jamel Gross is a poet that believes in a higher faith. This belief has allowed him to attain inner peace. He is devoted to his poetry and wishes to spread love and understanding through it.

March 12, 2017

Author Scotty Richardson Tells of His Life in 'Living, Loving, and Laughing with Golden Retrievers'

Living, Loving, and Laughing with Golden Retrievers
Book shows one man’s journey through life and his love for his canine companions

ISHPEMING, MI — Dogs have always been known as man’s best friends and throughout the centuries dogs have formed a very deep bond with humanity that has benefited both sides. This saying cannot be more true in Author Scotty Richardson’s touching new book Living, Loving, and Laughing with Golden Retrievers. In this highly relatable book the author reminisces on life and how his love for dogs has helped him tackle life and all its challenges.

Living, Loving, and Laughing with Golden Retrievers is the memoirs of author Scotty Richardson. It chronicles his life and his strong relationship with his beloved canine pets. It shows how throughout most of his life. From his youth to the present, he has had a number of canine pets that have helped him to face life with courage and optimism. The book also chronicles his many experiences growing up and raising a family of his own. It also show how his love for dogs, Golden Retrievers especially have helped shape his life. This love still persist to this very day and he passionate about acquiring more dogs for his family.

The book contains the author’s many memories of his favorite dogs and the fun they had together. Starting from his very first dog to his latest one. It is packed with day to day adventures that show how dogs always makes life worthwhile.

Living, Loving, and Laughing with Golden Retrievers by Scotty Richardson
Softcover | ISBN 978-1-946492-96-8
PDF | ISBN 978-1-946492-97-5
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About the Author

Scotty Richardson is a 73 year old retired electrical supervisor. He’s happily married, most of the time as much as any other married folks. He and his wife have owned a bevy of Golden retrievers and one Doberman for the past 25 years.