March 13, 2017

Author Jamel Gross Enlightens Readers in 'My Eyes of Desire'

My Eyes of Desire
Book shows one man’s mission to illuminate the world through poetry

ISHPEMING, MI — Poetry is considered as one of the most beautiful ways to convey your perceptions on the world. And if done right poems can be lines of such sublime beauty that can evoke great emotions from anyone who reads it. In My Eyes Of Desire Author Jamel Gross enlightens readers with a collection of heartfelt poems that shows how he perceives life and how life has affected him.

My Eyes of Desire brings a plethora of emotions and ideas to readers. This collection of poems shows the authors love for life and his need to show the world his poetry. The poetry in itself is masterfully written, with each theme taken from the authors own life. The poems evoke emotions of hope and peace and captures the poet’s optimistic outlook on life. It represents his journey as a poet and the drive to create good poetry.

This compilation of poetry is the author’s ode to the poetic arts and shows how he has progressed in his beloved art form. My Eyes of Desire is a must for poetry aficionados everywhere.

My Eyes of Desire by Jamel Gross
Paperback | ISBN 978-1-946492-63-0
PDF | ISBN 978-1-946492-64-7
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-946492-65-4
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-946492-66-1

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About the Author

Jamel Gross is a poet that believes in a higher faith. This belief has allowed him to attain inner peace. He is devoted to his poetry and wishes to spread love and understanding through it.