March 26, 2017

Deke Rivers Releases a Riveting Read in 'The Scarlett Saga'

The Scarlett Saga
Book takes readers on a son’s dangerous quest to find his father’s killers

ISHPEMING, MI — What are you willing to do to avenge the death of a loved one? How low are you willing to go? To what depths are you willing to go down in order to get revenge? In The Scarlett Saga author Deke Rivers releases a thrilling tale of vengeance and survival.

This highly engrossing read follows Richard Scarlett, as he takes control of the Scarlett Organization after the assassination of his father, David. Follow Richard as he travels the world searching for his father’s killer, only to discover he is the next target, the last of the Scarletts. Now he is on not only a quest of vengeance but also of survival. He must now use all his wits and courage to survive and unearth his family’s deadly secret.

The Scarlett Saga is a truly immersive read filled with action and adventure. Readers are taken on a globetrotting quest for justice. Will Richard survive the assassins sent after him? Will he finally find his father’s killer? Read on and find out!

The Scarlett Saga by Deke Rivers
Paperback | ISBN 978-1-945496-04-2
PDF | ISBN 978-1-945496-05-9
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-945496-06-6
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-945496-07-3

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About the Author

Deke Rivers, a retired architect and artist, has lived throughout the world, and now calls Toronto, in Canada his home. Most of his novels are based on research, his travels and his vivid imagination.