March 15, 2017

'Erskinville to the Bush' Chronicles One Man's Incredible Desire for a Better Life

Erskinville to the Bush
Memoir takes readers on a truly immersive journey

ISHPEMING, MI — Steve Langley has gone through many things in the course of his life. He was born in the slums and had to fight for a better life. This drive urged him on to go on adventures that helped shape who he truly is. In Erskineville to the Bush the author Steve Langley readers follow one man’s incredible journey through life.

This is a story on Steve Langley’s life from the 1930’s and in the wartime and postwar Sydney slums; the gangs of Erskineville, Newtown, and Paddington streets. Where he made the breakaway to find a better life. His story covers his various work endeavors on land and ships; a broken marriage, and with a new partner and ten month old baby son, his move to a modern pioneer lifestyle in an abandoned homestead on Bullock Mountain.

There Steve found in the high ranges of the beautiful New England region of NSW, a wonderful way of life when he created a long distance horse trekking business catering to riders from all parts of the world. Erskineville to the Bush shows readers how an unflinching self-belief and the courage to follow your dream can get you through the most challenging of times.

Erskinville to the Bush by Steve Langley
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About the Author

Steve Langley was born in Paddington in 1936, and grew through World War II years in the then slum areas of St Peters, Erskineville and Newtown. He was three when his father joined the Australian Military in 1939. His naturalized Australian German born Grandfather took on the role of father, mentor and friend. It mattered not for Steve that his father was away fighting with the famous Sixth AIF Division in the Middle East. To the kids in the streets, and Erskineville Public school, he was a Nazi and was daily bullied. He learnt to fight back, and went on through varied lifestyles to achieve his life fulfilment in the rugged ranges of the glorious New England.