April 11, 2017

"Fiction or Prophecy" Shows Dangers of Terrorist Attack

Fiction or Prophecy
Author Angelo Thomas Crapanzano delves into the dangers of terrorism and its effects on civilized society

ISHPEMING, MI — The world is getting more dangerous every day. With the rise of terrorist attacks through the years, the general public is now in fear of the threat that these terrorist group pose to the free world. To what depths will they stoop to achieve their goals? Author Angelo Thomas Crapanzano addresses these dangers in his immersive new book Fiction or Prophecy.

The idea for Fiction or Prophecy was born through a casual discussion with a neighbor in the author’s family room. The discussion was based on the news that one of the terrorists claimed that they were secretly developing a backpack nuclear bomb and planned on bombing ten of America’s largest city.

Officials wrote it off as an idle threat, and that they could never get ten nuclear backpacks into the country. The neighbor questioned how they could say that, when a million Mexicans cross America’s borders daily, with backpacks of drugs, weapons, and personal items.

Having been in the scientific field and seeing how electronic technology had exploded during his life time, the author had no doubt that it was a matter of time and that terrorist would not hesitate to use it. He wondered what would happen if the terrorist was telling the truth. This enticed the author to write a novel on this threat. Is this novel purely fiction or is it a prediction of what was to come?

Fiction or Prophecy by Angelo Thomas Crapanzano

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About the Author

Angelo Thomas Crapanzano was born in Cleveland Ohio on August 23, 1927. He served in the Army during World War 11. He fought in the South Pacific in the Philippine Liberation Campaign. After his discharge, he attended Cleveland State University. He graduated in 1951 with a degree in Electronic Engineering. Angelo worked for forty-two years on electronic systems for military and advanced commercial aircrafts. He has several patents in aircraft electronic. In 1987 he was promoted to Manager of Electronic Research and Development Department. To keep up with the technology he taught electronic for seven years at Akron University Evening Division. He retired in 1993.