April 20, 2017

"Notorious Casolini" Follows One Man's Quest for Justice

Notorious Casolini
Author Angelo Crapanzano creates a thrilling read of intrigue and vengeance

ISHPEMING, MI — To what lengths will you go to avenge a wrong? To what depths will you stoop to gain true justice? In Notorious Cassolini author Angelo Crapanzano creates a truly immersive read that follows a good man’s quest for justice and how it changed him forever.

Inspired by real events, the novel Notorious Casolini tells the story of the life and adventures of Peppino Casolini. Peppino lived in the city of Barrafranca, Sicily, in the early 1900’s. A gentle person of high moral values dedicated to his family, he wanted nothing more than the simple life of a farmer, with those he loved nearby. But fate had other plans for Peppino. When Peppino’s beautiful younger sister spurned the advances of the son of the ruling mayor, it ignited a fire that would consume the entire family. The oppressive ruling class of Barrafranca turned the full force of their power on Peppino and his family with deadly results. However, from their seats of privilege and authority, they never imagined that a gentle farmer might rise up against them with a furious vengeance.

Building on the known historic facts of Peppino Casolini, author Angelo Crapanzano weaves an exciting story filled with unforgettable characters, passionate romance and an unexpected conclusion that will knock readers off their feet!

Notorious Casolini by Angelo Thomas Crapanzano

Softcover | ISBN 978-1-946735-41-6
PDF | ISBN 978-1-946735-42-3
EPUB | ISBN 978-1-946735-43-0
Kindle | ISBN 978-1-946735-44-7

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About the Author

Angelo Crapanzano is a full time writer who retired as Manager of the Electronic Research and Development Department of an aerospace corporation. Notorious Casolini is his third Novel. He has written six novels. He is currently working on his seventh novel. It is not yet named. It is a romantic novel about two young lovers who had to overcome many problem to get together. Angelo lives with his wife of 65 years near Akron, Ohio.